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    Default Has anyone tried any of these bearings?

    Looking for input on any of these; not having much luck finding any reviews.

    Spitfire Burners

    Juju Blessed Silver or Jason Park Pro

    Shake Junt Andrew Reynolds Pro

    Right now I have some Swiss Lab L2 and Super Reds, with some Flip Abec 7s I picked up for 7 dollars as backups. Should probably just stick with Bones but I've heard great things about Juju at least.


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    Bones Swiss are all I've ever used! Pricey but will last forever if you take good care.

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    I had the spitfire classics and wasn't very impressed, the shields practically fell off them and I blew a few of them but maybe the burners are better (pretty sure they're spitfire's more high end bearing) no experience with the other two but my shake junt abec 3's were super fast considering they were supposed to be on the lower end of things. maybe those AR pros would be pretty good.

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