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Thread: Flip trick help

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    Default Flip trick help

    I'm learning how to kickflip,i did it a few times,but I always land them on the tail like a mob flip or a rocket flip,how can I level them out to look like a normal kickflip?

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    Best thing that helped me is watching your favorite skaters doing kickflips and try to mimic their movements when you practice. There's no reason why their kickflips can't look like your kickflips...the only difference is that they have put a lot of time into learning it. So starting out, just practice the trick as much as possible and move your back and front foot around to see where you get the best results.

    The reason why your kickflips are rocketing is because your front foot is flicking upwards. When you flick the front foot, it should go straight out to the corner of the board.


    1) snap the tail + jump
    2) as soon as the snap happens and you are jumping, flick the front foot straight out to the corner of the board
    bonus tip: While doing step 2, you want your back and front foot to be leveled with eachother.

    Once you get consistent landing them start doing it down small gaps/stairs and over things, add speed, etc. I remember mike mo did a trick tip for another trick but he said kind of jokingly that if you do it 100 times a day for like a year straight you will have it (obvious but true) so just have this kind of mentality approaching any trick.

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