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    Question Are my wheels good enough?

    I just started skateboarding a few months ago and I ride an 8.25 board with 144 indy trucks, I live in England and over here transition is very rare as everyone skates street and it is rare to find a good park with bowls. I discovered nearby me there's an indoor park with a good bowl but my 53mm wheels aren't good at maintaining speed. I have gotten good at pumping and carving but I just can't maintain much speed and I see some of the other older bowl skaters riding larger wheels and they say they go faster and maintain more speed, is this true? I have a set of 58mm 100a wheels but I don't want to have to change my bearings over everytime I want to skate different terrain so I have an old pair of spitfire cheapshots which used to roll fine, the freespin on them is pretty bad however and by that I mean about less than 3 seconds each but I've read that freespin doesn't affect your speed much, is this true?

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    oj insane-a-thanes are nice, hard, hella fast wheels that grip. freespin kinda matters, see if you can fix it with lubricant (standard garden stuff works fine, despite what people may tell you) what wheels are you using right now? i'll tell ya if they're good. also, on smooth ground, bigger wheels are literally slower unless its an electric board. i only ride 60's because i slide a lot and ride on rough roads.
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