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    Default Common to use 2 sets of wheels?

    Hey, I haven't skated in about 27 years and decided to order a board. It's a Santa Cruz multidot cruzer, very similar to what I rode back in the day. At 100 bucks on clearance it seems like a great deal. However, I didn't pay much mind to the description and noticed afterwards that it ships with 78a slimeball maggots wheels. The towns north and south of me each have skateparks that I'd like to visit occasionally. Everything I've read on wheels suggests that these would be less than ideal for park. However, my hometown has no skating accommodations so I'll just be doing street most of the time. Just wondering if it's common practice to swap between street and park wheels depending on what you're doing that day. I have my eye on some Bones SPF Clears which are 84b.

    I've also read that the harder wheels are better for bigger riders; I'm 5'11 and about 225 lbs. And that the softer wheels aren't much for sliding. So idk if it would be best to just upgrade the wheels or swap back and forth.


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    IMHO, if you don't want to have two decks, swapping wheels seems like a good option. It's pretty common in entry level auto racing, guy shows up to an event with his DD on street tires and then swaps the track tires on for the event, finally swapping the street tires back when it's time to go. It's cumbersome and might look odd to some, but it's way cheaper then having a DD and a dedicated track car when you're first starting out. There's are probably a bunch of little factors I'm overlooking that could make riding awkward after swapping the wheels, depending on the overall board setup, but I say try it.

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    For my board its always been tricky fucking with the wheels, I keep using a pair of trucks for as long as I can and often the axel on the hangar gets really dented in and mushroom heads.

    So it ruins the nuts I use when I take them off and end up putting new ones on that get stripped once those get taken off.

    I would go with 2 boards if you want one to travel and one to trick with, or just push faster on your trick board.

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