Actually i was skateboarding (almost) every day when i was younger. I finally bought a complete yesterday after i had a lot of fun watching skate videos the last 2 weeks and thinking about the good old times, skating around, meeting people and having fun ^^

I'll try this evening if i am still able to put the 2 feet on the board without breaking my bones ;) Due to the s...t weather I'll go to an indoor skatepark in Hollerich, near the city center of Luxembourg which was rebuilt in 2010 and looks pretty good actually. They also build a new outdoor skatepark in the city center which looks absolutely fabulous (!!!)

Here's my setup (not the best gear i know, but i didn't want to spend 200 or more before i'm sure that i'll stay on skateboarding for a while)
- Globe Banger 8.125" deck
- Tensor Mag TEN 5.25" trucks
- Globe 52 mm wheels
- Globe ABEC 7 bearings
- Philipps bolt pack

In the past, i was able to shove it, kickflip, heelflip, double heelflip, varial flip, 360flip (not good though), etc., like already said, i'll just try to not break my bones this evening on the basics, like standing on the bord ... ;)

(i'm sorry for my bad english)