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    Cool Got a few questions..

    Hi guys, I am a Dutch student from the NHL University and currently doing a research for Timber Boards, a young longboarding company from The Netherlands. The research is about the longboard market and especially the Brazilian market. I would like to ask you to answer a few questions, which will greatly help me and my fellow students in the research.

    The questions are for Brazilian people or people who have knowledge of this market. If you choose to answer, please list the country you’re from!
    Thanks for helping a brother out.

    1. What kind of longboard is the most popular in Brazil?
    2. Which are the biggest longboard events in the country?
    3. Is there a difference in type of longboarding between the regions across the country, for example, Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro?
    4. In which region the sport has the biggest popularity?
    5. Are there any rules and regulations by the government you have to follow?
    6. What do you like the most about your current board?
    7. What is the reason you buy a certain type of longboard?
    8. What is your budget range for a longboard (board only)
    9. Do you have any preference about the material the longboard is produced with?
    10. What are the preferred brands on the market?
    11. Are there any longboard magazines or forums in Brazil?
    12. Do you prefer to buy separate parts or complete longboards?

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    I don't think there are many (or any?) people living in Brazil that frequent this forum.

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    That's a really odd target market. If you were going to pick a single country to market, U.S. or your home market would make the most sense.

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