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    Default Getting back on deck, 10 years on...

    Hi folks. Recently gotten back into skating as my little nephew has gotten into it, so I take him to the local skatepark every weekend. My days of doing all the stuff I used to do are way behind me, but it's been a great feeling to get back on board again and while I'm nowhere near as good as I used to be, I can still carve around the place and do a lot of the old flip tricks I used to be able to do.

    Bit of background (or, a lot, just reminiscing on old times I guess!). I started skating when I was 14 years old. All my mates got into it as well, quite a big group of us. I became obsessed with getting better, watched every skate video I could find and watched how they did things, watched every trick-tip video I could find (internet wasn't a big thing then either, YouTube didn't even exist!) and tried the trick I was trying to learn hundreds of times until I nailed it. That first flip was a f***ing nightmare to learn (I'm one of those weird ones that learned to heelflip before I could kickflip) and it took a good few months to land it, but once I got that out of the way and got the feel of flipping and catching, the new tricks started coming in fast.

    I was a bit of an all-rounder, I could skate mini's well and I could do some basic vert stuff, just small airs/grabs though. I was definitely more into street skating though and after a couple of years got really into skating stairs, gaps and rails. Still remember nailing my first handrail. Months upon months of attempts on this 5 stair and they were all pretty much hopping up to the rail, making contact but not really committing to it. Then one day, a small group of us were at the spot (there were also a bunch of other things there to skate like some curbs and a flat-bank, so it was one of our favourite spots) and I was having another go at it, but I just felt different this time. I was actually committing to it and I was getting really close to landing it every time. I was definitely the most advanced in our group of friends so I was the first one to even be attempting handrails, so it was a big deal to everyone that I was nearly landing it and everyone was freaking out, phoning the ones that weren't there telling them to come down or they'd miss me landing it!
    After probably about 50 attempts, I landed it clean as a whistle. Everyone was going nuts and I got that familiar feeling of ecstasy you get when you land something you've been trying for ages, but I felt like this was a huge milestone and the feeling was so much stronger than anything I'd felt beforehand. I went on to land much bigger tricks, but that moment will stay with me for the rest of my life

    After a few years of skating, I felt like I wanted to spend the rest of my life skating, get sponsored, turn pro and make a career out of skating. Doing what I loved for a living, it would have been a dream. I could do all sorts of flip tricks, skate big stairs, gaps and handrails, skate parks and ramps, I could manual for days and skate switch really well as well. Unfortunately, the plan never came to fruition. Once we'd all left school, everyone started getting bored of skating, the guys that did still skate moved away, and on top of that my knees were giving me trouble. So skating alone and in pain... didn't seem very appealing, and I gave up. Do always wonder what could have been, but I'm not one to regret, rather just look back on the good times.

    So, as I said, 10 years later I'm getting back into it thanks to my nephew! I'll never do a lot of the stuff I used to do. I'll likely never skate on the streets again, just the skatepark (which was built right near us like a few months AFTER I stopped skating, typical!) and I certainly won't be doing all the big stuff I used to do (biggest thing I think I ever did was a kickflip down a 12 stair for example). I can still do a lot of the flip tricks though - I can land hardflips, tre flips, lazer flips all switch and regular pretty consistently still and I can land a triple flip about 1/50 tries. My balance isn't all there atm though, my grinds suck. I suppose you just have to develop that balance again, there was a time long ago that I couldn't even balance out a boardslide and I came a long way from that once, so I can hopefully do it again I've gotta be more careful about falling now though, I'm tall and I've been going to the gym for a few years and pumping weights and I'm literally twice as heavy now as when I was skating back in those days, and the bigger they are the harder they fall!
    On a related note, makes me laugh how I got injured. As I've said, I did stairs, handrails, big gaps and all sorts, no injuries. However, I've fractured my thumb twice and my foot once, all from things that at the time should have been easy for me but I somehow screwed up. Fractured my thumb first, doing a kickflip on a mini ramp and my front foot slipped as I landed and the board pinged up and smashed my right thumb. Then about 6 months later I did a heelflip down a stairset, landed with my foot at a dodgy angle and the outside of my foot hit the floor hard and I fractured a bone and tore a ligament - sounds gnarly, but it was THREE frickin' stairs, FML.... lastly, I fractured the same thumb again by screwing up a 180 over a rail that was about 3 feet high, slammed and pretty much landed my full weight on my thumb.

    Anyway, to anyone that actually read all that, thanks, you deserve a medal Hope to see you all around the forums!
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    Whats good! I'm always happy to hear dudes getting back into skating, almost as much as I love getting young kids into it. Take your time, (as you've no doubt already seen) stretch it out really good before and after, get properly warmed up, etc...
    Those who hurt others never remember; those who bear the scars never forget...

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    I'm excited for you! Skateeverydamnday
    Quote Originally Posted by Vlad the Conqueror View Post
    the only time I ever landed a backside flip down el toro was when a girl was watching
    Gonna be more careful around storm drains from now on.

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