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    I've only been skating for about two years, but I would always watch video parts because I just loved skateboarding and when his Gravis part came out, I was like holy shit. When he backside boardslid that rail into traffic, I flipped out. I checked instagram the other day and saw Gary Rogers' photo of him and I honestly got really emotional, Dylan was amazing and any time someone has to battle cancer, thats sad enough, but when they die from it, thats brutal. RIP Dylan.

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    I checked his Instagram a few minutes before Sean Pablo posted his farewell to Dylan and I thought Sean was just playing around because I thought dylan still had some years on him because I didn't know about the leukemia. He was underrated in my books not many of the skaters I know even cared about him. And girls only knew him because he was cute and handsome but he isn't Steven Fernandez so all those fangirls can fuck off Dylan is a respectable man not some little kid shouting and running around getting girls numbers.

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    Sad to hear this things, I was backreading old thread and this makes me emotional since I remember how great Dylan was. He will never forgotten in our hearts. Hawaii Remodeling

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