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    Default World's 1st Solar Powered LongBoard by Center Young GmbH,Germany

    "Center Young GmbH"
    - wir sind junge Unternehmer, die zu einer besseren Welt beitragen wollen. Wir haben uns der Vision der universellen Anwendung und Industrialisierung der elektrischen Mobilität nach Rifkins dritter industrieller Revolution verschrieben.

    Hello everyone, we are Center Young GmbH, a new established german company which produces solar powered products. We are currently preselling our first product—Young Board on Kickstarter. The early bird sale will be 499 Euro! We are grateful if you could share and support our product! Thank you very much!!!!
    Enterprise declaration
    "Center Young" means youth center, which represents young entrepreneurs change the world. We are committed to the universal application and industrialization of the electric vehicle which was advocated by Rifkin’s the third industrial revolution.
    We will use new energy and networking technology to create our own concept of energy saving vehicle, and liberate people’s choice of travel mode, inject new vitality into the modern logistics with innovative ideas. Protect the environment and develop a new green energy transportation.
    Stay in touch with people around
    Facing the proliferation of personal electronic products, like computer, mobile phone, and TV has becoming the Inseparable part people’s life. We want to use our way to enhance the interaction of people and people around them with our product. Using solar electric skateboard to address your daily short-haul travel problem, and also to go outside to get more close to the nature, to communicate with your friends and your family.
    We hope you love our product. And in the immediate future, we will also equip it with more functions to make it your inseparable personal daily life assistant. Sublimate it to not only a means of transport, but also carrying the function of intelligent terminal.

    YoungBoard - The First Solar Electric Skateboard
    Length: 1000 mm
    Width: 280 mm
    Thickness: 120 mm (board thickest 16.8 mm)
    Weight: 5 kg
    Maximum speed: 30 km/h
    Range: Up to 37 km
    Battery type: Lithium polymer battery
    Brake type: Electronic Brake
    Motor power: 1000 W
    Board material: Bamboo, Maple and Carbon Fiber
    Maximum weight /age of user: 150 kg/60 years old
    Time for charging: 4H
    USB cable for charging phone or laptop
    A huge contradictory problem of social energy and transportation issues has coming out since the last decade. Air pollution and traffic congestion have become a lingering problem in everyone’s daily life. Meanwhile, the electric vehicles rise in response to the proper time and conditions and becoming the future tendency. Since then, we are here to provide a solution of short-distance transportation combining with entertainment experience– A solar electric skateboard.
    Youngboard - The world’s first real solar electric skateboard is now launched by Center Young GmbH. By integrating the solar panel on the surface of skateboard and using our patented technology to improve the impact resistance, we bring you a brand new environmental friendly skateboard. It combines a Geek-way energetic independence transportation with ecological social responsibility awareness, also greatly improve people's short-distance transport efficiency, and give you perfect dynamic experience of entertainment.
    You can go wherever you want to go just simply grab it, like high street, school and bars. Or you can even move your office outdoor: Taking your skateboard, your laptop, your phone and....skate around and enjoy yourself
    ChargingSolar power and AC charging

    Solar Panel - Only takes 4 hours to charge the battery by solar power! -Charging while "riding"
    Our skateboard use solar charging and family power charging to provide energy. It takes free and ecologic energy to serve you with a trouble-free journey. The solar panel fully utilize the effective surface of the board. This makes the solar panel reach 25 W of power conversion, and the capacity of the battery is 100 Wh. Theoretically, 4 hours solar charging is equivalent to the time of conventional charging. The voltage of the flexible high molecular polymer battery pack, that brings the skateboard a steady and strong stream of power.
    Technology Tips
    The solar panel is made from aviation standard glass composite material that usually being used on the windows of the aviation cockpit. Our raw material is the best polymer transparent material. Its light transmittance is up to 99%, which is higher than ordinary glass. The density is 1.18 g/cm3. Its weight is half of the same size ordinary glass, and 43% of aluminum. Our glass is very strong. Its impact resistance is 200 times higher than that of ordinary glass, and consequently its life span is up to 6-13 years.
    High light transmittance, light weight, lamination technology, integrated molding induces a new kind of transportation tool integrating entertainment with traffic, using solar charging and family power charging to provide energy. Beside,our environmental friendly motor drive can also be used as power supply for handheld devices like phones, laptops etc. So once you go somewhere doesn’t have power receptacle to plug in, you may also be able to make a alternative Plan B.(Some say always have a Plan B)
    “Engine Start” and brake
    Wireless remote is used to control the start and brake. Simply slide the remote backwards for braking and slow down and forward for start and speed up.

    The “Prophet”
    Rifkin said that we are turning into the third industrial revolution. New energy and the Internet will promote the development of the third industrial revolution. The third industrial revolution comprises five pillars, one of them is the application and development of the electric vehicle.
    Inspiration Sparking
    I have been exploring a green, new energy electric vehicle, through constant innovation, research and improvement, now our product the solar electric skateboard is finally born. In order to make the solar panel combine with the slide successfully, and solve the problems of tolerance and high transmittance, we use a kind of plexiglass which is of the aeronautical cockpit level, and overcome all the technical problems including processing technology.
    Brilliant Design
    High conversional solar-charging with considerable battery capacity
    Our products have a solar-charging function, an integrated design, efficiency of the board surface area usage. The high conversion rates monocrystalline solar cells make the solar power reach 25 W. And the battery is a kind of soft package lithium battery, reaching 100 Wh, astonishingly the maximum capacity allowed by aviation which increases the driving range at a rational consumption. Due to its effective energy conversion rate and huge battery capacity, it can also provide other electrical appliances with power as an alternative Charge Pal anywhere.
    Lightweight and intelligent design
    To reduce weight and improve efficiency, the external rotor wheel motor drive wheel is used here. We use a variety of sensors and automatic control system to make it be of much more intelligent. And in order to detect it’s bearing capacity, also have a battery indicator.
    Ultimate portability and reliability
    It has a greatly improved portability and satisfactory evaluation of equipment result in the Environmental Worthiness. it cannot only qualified as a short-distance travel and entertainment companion, but should also has a good adaptability even on the surface of Mars in the future.

    Follow us:

    Twitter: YoungBoard@yangchuanbin
    FaceBook: Center Young GmbH

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    Too lazy to read this shit, some one read it and let me know the TL;DR

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    It was waay too long I couldn't finish. ��

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    It basically was promoting their solar skateboard. So it seems like the skateboard deck is a solar panel. Can't really summarize it, you gotta read the whole thing.

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    I wanted to make sure that it is packed properly so that it does not get damaged during my home move. This is the reason I decided to hire packers to help me move to the new house.

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