So, switch kickflips is hard trick...
But as soon as you understand how it works this trick will come to you if you commit to this amazing trick.
the foot placement:
i have my front foot (the foot thats flicking) is in the middle of board just below the bolts,my back foot about 1/2 inch from the edge of the tail.

the flick: for switch flips personally the hardest thing was the flick, it would always just turn into this massive switch ollie or it would half flip 10 ft infront of me, the way i fixed this was the pattern in which i flicked, if i flicked in one diagonal motion it would end out as an ollie but once i tried dragging my foot slightly diagonal then out (like the shape of a candycane) this fixed both problems because i would get the flick and the board didn't stick to my toe when i flicked which made it shoot 10 ft away from me.

A tip i also found for this tricks is drag fast using your knee and leg and flick really hard. IT WILL NOT OVER ROTATE! you will find that the board will actually suck up to your legs and you will catch it. if you do find your self over rotating it make sure you are fully focusing on the board as it flips so you can stomp it down accurately because a problem alot of people have on over rotating tricks is them zone-ing out while they are doing the trick and doing it self-consciencely which will make you less likely to commit to it as you are not thinking properly.

with this trick I have actually never fallen on it, primo-ed, slipped out nothing. it took me ten minutes to learn this trick and it will only take 10 for you! just think of it as a normal kickflip and really it should be easier to commit to because you have already done the same trick its just standing the opposite way.
To be honest i have not been the best at committing until i accepted i'm gonna fall and it doesn't matter because i'm gonna have fun doing it and nothing can stop me landing this trick, If you fall, you fall you can't turn back time and redo it you just have to just put a smile on your face and laugh and you will find that no one really cares if you fall because you going to land it eventually and i would rather fall on my arse 10 ten times and stick it within 5 minutes then kick out 300 times and take multiple sessions doing something i could easily do. It takes that one bit of courage, that one push to land that trick and roll away with a smile on your face, You have got it i believe in you! ;)

once you get this trick a few times try taking it down something because it's gonna be fun and why not?