Okay, I thought of asking for help here, cause I have no idea where else to go.

Let's start with kickflip.

My back foot barely lands, I never landed a kickflip on bolts. I also tend to flick my front foot from the center to the corner, not straight line.

9 out of 10 kickflips are 1,5 flips. I just dont have any idea how to make board flip up and stick up to my legs. I had done it like that only few times.

Now let's talk heelflip.

My board is just out of control, if I jump back while flicking (to land on the board cause its going behind me) it will spin for a half only, I'm putting too much force to jump back, thus my legs can't have a good grasp of the board to flick it properly. And I just can't balance it enough to have enough flick and jump backside.

Other way is just flicking without jumping back. It's a 50-50 chance to land it, it either overflips, tries to go varial or simply get credit card.

360 kickflips

I'm just automatically going body varial the moment I scoop my backfoot.

Thats pretty much all.