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[drupal=1144]Whitetrash's Top 5 - Week 8 STOOKIE[/drupal]

This week we finally have an Aussie throwing together a top 5 and as suspected it's a really cool one. I'm loving the pets that have popped up in a lot of these but I think this is the best story accompanying a pet in a top 5 yet. Also I bet one day that sweater will be worth a lot of money as it signifies an interaction with our very own Rev j. On a serious note though thank you stooks for putting this together for us and I hope everyone enjoys so check out this weeks member Stookie's top 5 and show some Aussie loveeeee.
MEMBER - STOOKIE - TOP 5 http://www.skateboard-city.com/messa...er.php?u=47404
Top Five in no order
1. Signed sports stuff