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[drupal=1138] Whitetrash's Top 5 - Week 2 MGOLDMAN14[/drupal]

Alright so in this fortnight we have a new-ish member posting up his top 5, hope you guys enjoy, check it out and post your thoughts or comments. Remember if you want to get involved shoot me a message ! This one will remain sticky'd until the next fortnight so it'll always be up top for you guys to check out:
MEMBER - Mgoldman14 - Top 5 http://www.skateboard-city.com/messa...er.php?u=71295
1. My pug Rocco

I have three pugs, well i've had five in total but Rocco's birthday is coming up on April 18th and he's turning 12! I love all of my pugs but Rocco is just very special to me, I remember we got him for free from a breeder who was my dads patient; may she rest in peace Joanne