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    Default Skate 3 Street League Contests

    Hi guys! So, I've designed a Street League inspired park on Skate 3, I was wondering; would anyone be interested in participating in some games of Street League? We would also need different courses to switch up to do some people who can use the park editor and create something cool would be good. It'd be as follows:

    Judged by other SBC members, so not working on the inbuilt points system, it'll basically rely on how dank your runs are rather than people flip tricking into oblivion for points

    2 flow runs, 4 control attempts, 5 impact (big section) attempts, basically he exact street league rules from when I thought they were best

    Up to 8 people competing at once and rotating runs/turns as it is in real life, we could do prelims, semis and all that but it'd take MASSIVE manpower and commitment which I doubt this'd get.

    Thoughts? For good measure, here's the park I designed...

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    looks realistic, mate!

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