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    Guys im opening another skate shop and was thinking about what to put in it.

    I know that sounds a little strange to some of you but let me explain.

    We have a store that stocks all our tried and tested favourites, you know the brands (Bones, Spitfire, Venture, Thunder Etc Etc) The list goes on..

    However there are a massive amount of brands out there that are yet shall we say untried but could be good if people could just get over "brand name" products.

    So what im proposing is filling the new store with a lot more of these newer unknown brands that possibly could be worth a shot.. Basically give the underdog a go!!

    What do you guys all think?

    Should I be brave and try it?


    Should I just stick to what we all know and love?

    While im at it, is there something new that we traditionalists are missing or something you would like to see a lot more of that doesn't seem to available here??

    Would love to hear your feedback on what you guys think a skate shop should have or not have??

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