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Thread: 6 1/2 Months

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    Default 6 1/2 Months

    I've been skating for about 6 1/2 going on 7 months now.

    As of now I can:
    Ollie North
    Bs (Pop) Shuvit
    Fs (Pop) Shuvit
    Bs 360 Shuvit (Inconsistant)
    Kickflip Sexchange
    Varial Kickflip
    Heelflip (Inconsistant)
    Fs 180
    Fakie Halfcab
    Fakie Fs 180
    Fakie Bs (Pop) Shuvit
    Fakie Fs (Pop) Shuvit
    Fakie Bs 360 Shuvit
    Fakie Bs Bigspin
    Fakie Bs Shuvit Sexchange
    Fakie Ollie
    Fakie Kickflip
    Fakie Kickflip Sexchange (Inconsistant)
    Fakie Hospital Flip (Inconsistant)
    Fakie Halfcab Flip
    Fakie Varial Kickflip (Inconsistant)
    Fakie Heelflip (Inconsistant)
    Nollie Bs Shuvit
    Nollie Fs Shuvit
    Nollie Bs Bigspin (Somewhat)
    Switch Bs Shuv Rewind (Inconsistant)
    Manual Bs Shuvit out
    Fakie Manual Bs Shuvit out
    No Comply Shuvit
    Caveman (Popping the board to my hand while rolling)
    Caveman Flip (Same way as above)

    I can almost Tre flip (I land with front foot only on bolts lol)
    Thats all i can remember for now haha

    Aside from flatground tricks i can Pop Shuvit to 50-50 (Just learning btw) but thats about it.
    All my tricks are fairly consistant unless i said otherwise. They're also pretty clean.

    How would you guys say i'm doing for the time i've been skating?
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    As for progression, Yesterday i landed Bs 180 in two seperate games of skate, and a sloppy Shuv Rewind regularly lol.
    I think i might start working on those.
    It's like games of Skate motivate me to land tricks more, haha.

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