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    Default point and shoot bullshit

    I have no idea what I'm doing. Would appreciate pointers on how to make less shitty photos without post-processing or buying a real camera.

    (These are from like 6 months ago, just stumbled across them while looking at random old shit on my computer.)

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    Holy fuck these are huge. Get a Flickr or something, or scale down the images. These are actually pretty neat, just a few pointers. Keep your point and shoot and focus on improving with that.

    1. There's no real interesting subject, I mean, there's that pole but apart from that, nothing.

    2. Frame is nicely filled. It's my fave. Maybe should have waited til later in the day, although it's hard to tell cause I think this camera would have washed out results regardless.

    3. Is pretty cool too. However, too much sky, way too much and a little too much tarmac. Would crop in Photoshop or zoomed in/moved closer if at all possible.

    4. Yeah it's not too interesting to look at, too much sky.

    Overall, work on tightening up that composition, fill the frame and also work on subject matter. The planes and shit landing are pretty cool but the others aren't so interesting.

    I know you like plane watching, and that's definitely interesting. Just stick with that for a while and mess around with composition and trying to improve your shots.
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