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    Default Sk8factory/Mimic Custom Deck Review

    So it came around the time that I needed to get a new board and I started looking into getting a custom deck printed. Since I'm an avid drawing artist, I figured it would be nice to get one of my drawings printed on a board so it would have a more personal touch to it. I started looking around online searching for places that would do it. Most of the places I found only did wholesale orders which I suppose are meant for small shops and what not. I came across a website titled Sk8factory which at first glance seemed to be a pretty low budget site with first impressions. I started looking around it for a while looking at supposed video footage of the factory. The place is located here in the US somewhere in California (I forget exactly where) and claims all of their products are manufactured here in the US. ( which seems to be one of their biggest selling points, advising to stay away from "Cheap" imports) Anyway, I ended up ordering one of their boards with a custom design of one of my drawings on it. Total came out around 65 bucks with shipping and such. I figured I'd do a bit of a review of it because when I was trying to decide if I should go for it or not I was a little bit skeptical as far as the quality goes. I found little to no information on other people that have ordered from them. Most usually just said they were thinking about getting one. So here goes

    The board I ordered is an 8'' deck (I moved up from a 7.75 due to comfort issues) and about 31'' in length. They have more options ranging from 7.5 to 8.25 I think. They also make longboards if you're into that.

    Graphics came out to be pretty decent looking, though the printing was a little darker than my original image but its not a big deal. The paint seems to wear out a little faster than other decks but it may just look that way because of the light colored wooden plys contrasting

    its a standard 7 ply board but, keep in mind that the plys here are all the same plain wood while if you look at their website video, they use different colors. Not a big deal, but it raises a bit of skepticism towards them claiming they make their boards and not order imports.

    Nose is slightly bigger than the tail. As far as concave goes its not as deep as some others I've seen but its not as shallow as I would have liked. That's all personal preference though since I'm picky because of horribly flat feet. Regardless, they say they take custom measurements and have other types of concaves, widths, and nose and tail lengths. I didn't specify any measurements besides the 8 inch with so the board they used is their standard concave and tail and nose lengths.

    Board has pretty good pop and flips fairly easily but, there's too many factors that can affect that besides board shape. I've only been skating it for a few days so I can't say too much about durability. No big chips or any cracking yet so that's a good sign. If I have any issues later down the road I'll update.

    oh and I almost forgot, the whole process of ordering and receiving the board took just a couple days short of a month. A little ridiculous since it seems all they had to do was get a stock board and print my design on it but eh.

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    Hey thanks for the great review. looks forward to serving all of the skateboarding industry. The folks at are so proud of the investments we have made into the manufacturing process. With every penny saved and put back into the process we have set up a few robotic arms to help us compete with the economy. Decks made in the USA with your custom graphics guaranteed against delam or warping trust them to give you the best deck in the market today. Go to sk8factory to get a single deck with your graphic to test or buy in bulk to get better than wholesale prices

    From the photo below you will see a robotic arm that feeds the wood into the glue machine to keep the cost down in order to give you the best possible price in the industry when it comes to quality skateboards made in the USA

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