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Thread: 1.5 years

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    Post 1.5 years

    Flat: heel flip
    Front shuv and back shuv
    Front and back 180
    Varial heel
    Kick flip
    Half cab heel
    Switch back shuv
    Switch 180
    Front and back half cabs fake and nollie
    Nollie back big spin
    Front 360
    Late shuv

    Front 50-50(w/180 out)
    Nose slide both ways
    Back k grind
    Front lip
    Nose slide shuv and big spin
    K grind shuv
    Front nose grind
    Front big spin nose slide
    Board slide both ways
    Heelflip front board
    Nose slide 270
    50-50 front board
    Front shuv k grind
    Nollie front nose
    Switch front board
    Nollie 50-50

    That's all I can think of as you can see I mostly skate ledge

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    Default have a lot of tricks in your bag but nothing that is really gap/stair related. If you could do those flat ground tricks over gaps/stairs then I would give it a 9/10. Since your style is ledge/flat mostly I will give you a 6/10. Not bad for a year and a half but expand your trick range a little more with flips.

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