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    The last round, Manchester city at home against bayern Munich won, Naples guest challenge villarreal, Manchester city to qualify, not only in the 2-1 home defeat to bayern Munich, still have to hope for honor war at home to villarreal can get at least a draw. According to the sun revealed that, considering the way bayern Munich, sir alex ferguson will be united to the training base to lend bayern use. The move to sir alex ferguson, the yahoo sports "pointed out that Manchester united are doing all they can to let Manchester city were eliminated group.
    At the same time in bayern challenge Manchester city, united's challenge enemy Basel, Switzerland. A Swiss champions in this season's champions league group game and was only after them once in the old trafford to 3-3 reds, and during the champions league away 3-2 win over gallas watts after steel, Basel points up to 8 points, while Manchester united at present product 9 points, the reds need a draw to (the group stages. Be worth what carry is, because 2-2 at home to benfica draw with Manchester united have lost the initiative for the group.

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    Manchester City qualifies for the testing purposes of the latest developments. According to the sun revealed by considering the way Bayern Munich on best essay writing websites so Sir Alex Ferguson will be united to the training base of the teams.

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