Hey guys, first post here.

I finally started skating again since I no longer am competing at another sport.

I've been skating Hemming Plaza in Jacksonville a few times now with nobody messing with me. Then, this past weekend I brought a friend up to tear up the city. While in a parking garage, scoping out spots, these ASSHOLE security rena cops come out of nowhere and threaten us with citations and all this other bullshit when we weren't even skating.

They told us that skating ANYWHERE within like..an 8 block radius encompassing downtown would get us either a 250 fine or jail time.

Can anybody here help me find info on the laws of skating Hemming Plaza?
Obviously I can't skate the court house or any Bank. But what about the park? Man I really love skating there.

Took a few pics too. I'm still pretty garbage. But who cares right? It's about the love for this sport.