WeSkateNYC.com is a new skateboarding site which is dedicated exclusively to NYC skaters. Skateboarding-city.com is a mad crazy web site, but we need our own outlet.

Anyway, no spam here, let me get to the point.

I am a photographer looking for gnarly skaters to skate for me and become the face of We Skate NYC. You'll be featured on posters, stickers, facebook page, web site, and much more. You will be our talent and we're going to hook you up.

We've been watching you guys skate all over this city, but now its time for you to shine. We've scoped out all the skate spots in NYC and we can't find anyone we're really looking for. No offense to these guys and girls, but they're a little weak in their talent.

We need someone with a little more talent and ambition.

If you're interested in this, please reply in this thread with some info**. We'll contact you during the day - most of you younger peeps should be out of school.

** Don't post personal info in your post like your number or email address, send that in PM, but so I get replies with people interested just simply say so in the forum. **

Thanks a lot, and I hope to see some replies.