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Thread: Lower Back Pain

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    Quote Originally Posted by SysEx View Post
    i dont really know of any sites off-hand, i wouldn't call them "skating stretches" in particular. they are mostly basic stretches with a couple others I've worked into my routine over the years. I do the same stretches before and after I go climbing.

    i have a couple books that i go by and a buddy that is a yogi who has showed me a few things

    From a quick google search:
    I do: 1, 2, 6, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16 the most often of what's shown there. I have slight variations as well. (usually doing as many of stretches as I can on one foot, if possible)

    I usually start off with very basic yoga thing, called "sun salute". its good for warming up before stretching. you would have to watch some youtube videos on the sun salute to see how its properly done though, all i can say is, breathing is key

    For my calfs and ankles I have a block I step on with the ball/toes of my feet and do dips to work out that area (its helped a great deal since i broke my foot a few years ago - also helps to add some weight, such as wearing a heavy backpack)
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    ill do squats, pushups, sit ups, and inversions every so often, but my main focus is flexibility, balance, and strength. (in that order) (strength last becomes it develops on its own via flex/bal focus + skating)

    when it comes to lower body/back & legs these are the ones i most often revert to. i don't do all of them every time i stretch, usually 4-5 it just depends on how i feel and what i feel needs some attention.

    sorry I don't have any informative sites to link you to. I should probably bookmark more often. heh

    hope that helps some (you're probably already familiar with most of these tho)
    Sometimes bad posture causes back pain

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    like said before tiger balm works wonders and i cant stress enough how important stretching is.
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