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    Almost Lewis Marnell 7.625

    Shape:8/10. Not too steep concave, in between mellow and steep. Just a little more steep would of made the deck better. Nose and tail are fairly similar, and they both are fairly steep.

    Pop: Good pop 7/10. It could have been better, but it was fairly good, and you could get quite high for everything.

    Durability:8/10. No cracks other than tiny pressure cracks at the trucks. It didn't snap...yet. It had One chip at the tail, but I threw it at a concrete wall as hard as I could to get it, and it didn't chip very easily. It didn't razor tail in the 2.5 months that I skated it.

    Overall: 7.5/10. Good board, a little bit above average, I would recommend it for beginners or just flatground skaters.


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