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    Keep at it man. I started at 34 and I can tell you that it's really rewarding once you get the hang of it. I had some painful falls in the beginning as well, but the balance builds up. Just get on the board as often as you can.
    "Get on the board as often as you can." That cannot be quoted enough and put into practice. I find myself on the way home from work sometimes spotting a smooth parking lot with a couple of curbs or an abandoned basketball court and just riding around, enjoying the simple movement of being on a skateboard. My video/sponsor me days all long gone, all of that such a distant memory at this point so for me it will be simple and positive enjoyment...
    Those who hurt others never remember; those who bear the scars never forget...

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    When I have days like those, I can't help but believe it's my own fault for performance I'm having. And that just makes me try harder on those days.

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