Varial Kickflip- a trick where a skateboard spins 180 degrees, like a pop shove it, and flips, like a kickflip, at the same time.

Need to know - You need to know how to do pop shove its, and you don't necessarily have to know how to land a kickflip with both feet, but you should know how to flip the board we

foot positioning- Place your front foot just how you would for a kickflip, and angled to be ready to flick off the side quick when scooping.

Place your back foot flat on the tail like a pop shove it. You can also put it way on the tip, for added pop.

1. Pop the tail slightly angled, not straight, to start the spin. You don't need a monster scoop to get the spin, just enough to get 180 degrees.

2. Wait until the board is slightly angled backside, then flick your front foot off the side of the board causing it to flip and spin at the same time.

-Remember to lift your back foot up, so that the board may spin and flip freely.
-Also remember to jump very high, as to allow the board to complete the varial kickflip process before you land.

3. In midair keep your back foot in the same place, don't kick it out or anything.

-After you have flicked your front foot out, just bring it back at a bit to the board. Don't freak out over these, because they are way easier to land than kickflips, they're just like landing pop shove its.
-You may have to jump to the board slighlty for your first couple varial kickflips, but you can remedy this by scooping and popping angled more in the beginning, as to keep the board flipping and spinning under your feet.

4. Ride away very satisfied.

Problem: I always land on the board upside down.
Solution: This might mean you are focusing more on the pop shove it than the kickflip. 1.Just keep doing what you're doing but this time put all your might into your flick next time
2.Angle your foot more towards the side to get a faster flip
3. Jump higher to allow the board to flip all the way.

Problem: I only land with one foot.
Solution: You're probably not commited enough.
1. Its just like landing a pop shove it, so just gather up strength and commit to it!
2. Balance your self so that you can maneuver both feet to the board, i.e. leaning back too far may cause trouble for bringing your front foot back.