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  1. Board stalls and 50/50s on quarter pipe tips.!!!

    Jumped back into skating again after 24 years away. I live in Brooklyn now (grew up in LA in the 80s) and with so many skateparks all over I had to. Learning basics all over again. Got ollies back,...
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    I need to learn to scrub speed.
    Slight road rash in pic.
    I ate shit hard out of my driveway. Third time carving in and a little higher each time. Could not carve enough before it was too late and I ate...
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    The dreaded winter!!!

    So winter is quickly approaching for me up here in New England and I can’t handle a couple of months without skating. How do you guys who have snow and shit find ways to still skate in the winter?...
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    Bought my first longboard today,!!! Got this loaded dervish sama flex 2. Really gonna have to get used to all that flex (I'm used to my carbon Fibre electric board and a penny) Especially the swirving,...
  5. My dad just told me I'm too old to start skating (I'm 18)

    Brief backstory, I get a lot of shit from my family because I stopped learning to drive before exams and never got back into it, so they think every time Im trying something new is a diversion to not...
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    Washers on or of

    Hello everyone,,
    So my friend took off my top and bottom washers and I like riding without them, but I need more stability for my kickflips. Should I only put on the top washer or the bottom washer...
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    A question about kick flips!!

    Hey guys I’m having trouble with my kick flips and I was hoping you could help.
    My problem is that I can’t seem to keep the board anywhere near me when attempting a kick flip. My board always goes...
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    How do Orbs wheels skate?

    I've been seeing orbs wheels in skate shops a bit, could anyone here who's skated them tell me how the skate? Or even better in comparison to formula fours. I love how my formula fours slide but been...
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    What wheel size would you recommend?

    Hey y'all, I'm in need for new motors for my board, so far the new backfire hubs are looking the best. I have heard the 96mm sleeves are way more comfy than the 83mm ones, but normally I'd prefere...
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