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    Frontside 5050 help

    This trick is hard for me because I have trouble evening out my board so both trucks get on,I always end up with my back truck locked in and my front truck rolling on the ledge not locked in. I roll...
  2. Damn I was just skating earlier today and just...

    Damn I was just skating earlier today and just tried a few for sh*ts and giggles and got it way more consistently
  3. This is the only trick I have commitment issues on??

    The trick is front board slide. It's weird I can bs boardslide pretty consistently but this trick is kinda weird. Just wondering if anyone could give me stories of times they had just problems...
  4. Am I the only person who startef learning grind tricks before basic flatground

    This is kinda weird question but whenever I watch Braille or some other skate you tubers they will talk about progression and how they learned up to like heel flips and kick flips before attempting a...
  5. A skater 3 months into the game needs advice

    I've been skating for three months and for the last 2 weeks I've been skating gaps and grinding and all the fun stuff and it feels more natural to me (once I get over the fear factor) and to me it is...
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