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  1. This community helped alot last year in...

    This community helped alot last year in Vancouver. What are the spots i should see in t San Fransisco? Never been here before, pretty excited for some hill bombs but looking forward to hitting some...
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    Bought a board not that long ago and have only...

    Bought a board not that long ago and have only managed to get out on it 3 times due to the shitty weather in Scotland. Noticed yesterday that my graphic had started to peel off. Spoke to my local who...
  3. This video shows...
    This video shows hockey players who have skated their entire lives trying a course like this. It’s a pretty long video but puts it into perspective pretty well.
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    Hi I'm looking to get my 6 year old daughter a...

    I'm looking to get my 6 year old daughter a skateboard for Xmas.
    Can anyone recommend a good skateboard shop? Preferably somewhere in East or Central London.fedloan easybib
  5. the ollie imo is mainly in the jump off the back...

    the ollie imo is mainly in the jump off the back foot, lift up that back foot, dont be lazy it's gotta come up and then slide your front foot forwards but clocked sideways. your front foot will do...
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    Beginner looking for a new board

    I was thinking about getting a Landyachtz Dinghy to get around my campus and just ride around my neighborhood with no intention on doing tricks other than the ones I need to know while cruising (like...
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    Some advice for a returning beginner?

    So i had a major break from skating, like 3 or 4 years, don't even remember exactly. Before i stopped skating i could land a kickflip pretty much every time and it wasn't sketchy, could do some...
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    Why you should wear a helmet

    All right before you all go at my neck hear me out. I'm not a pro skater or something but I'm not super new and recently I was learning to carve. It was going good but I went over some leaves mid...
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    I'm a noobie

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a good shoe to start with. A buddy of mine told me Adidas Busenitz or Nike Janoski's. Was just looking for advice on these 2 shoes for a beginner and wanted tonow if you...
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    Can't ride off fs 180s

    hi, i just learned to fs 180 not that long ago, maybe a week or two.i can consistently do it and land my feet but for some reason when i try and ride off after doing it i can never actually ride...
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