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  1. "Analytics" has ruined pickup basketball for me.

    Hello everyone,,
    So I've been playing pickup basketball for over 10 years and the realization of how unfair playing with 1's and 2's has kind of ruined the game for me.
    The reality is almost every...
  2. Looking for Captain America wallpaper from that one scene...

    Hello everyone,,
    Does anybody have a good wallpaper, or know where I can find one, of Cap right after he catches Mjolnir? I'm thinking right after he turns back toward the screen, after catching...
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    Uncharted Golden Abyss and Last Of Us

    I’m coming close to finishing my first play through of the Last of Us on my vita (via PS4 remote play). I am really loving the game, and really love playing game on the vita (as opposed to being tied...
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