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drowning_fish is a glorious beacon of lightdrowning_fish is a glorious beacon of lightdrowning_fish is a glorious beacon of lightdrowning_fish is a glorious beacon of lightdrowning_fish is a glorious beacon of lightdrowning_fish is a glorious beacon of light

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  1. Lisztomania
    hey did my letter ever get to you? or are you just being lazy :^)
  2. ๏_๏
    you goddamn bet man #dreamz
  3. Snake
    Did that guy just randomly send you a life/the universe/everything message on a half dead forum? Know the feel.

    Anyways, I've got Mondays/Tuesdays off, may call tmrw, or the next day.
  4. ๏_๏
    yo knews!!! (i remember bombing science mothafucka)

    you got me into bukowski and back into reading stuff and giving a shit about reading/writing in general, send me your novel or your poetry or your music or your drawings or all of the above, i remember you were a brilliant mothafucka and id be very interested in reading your shit or trading writing/hearing feedback from you about my shit

    hmu breh

    fuck i feel nostalgic lately
  5. Paganboy
    YO. are you still playing music?
  6. Snake

    The police gave chase but, as one account puts it, "were encumbered by sobriety."

    more importantly
  7. Snake
  8. Snake
  9. Lisztomania
    thank you for your opinion!
  10. Lisztomania

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    loud black girls - wait what
    india songs
    "hell is other people" - the same faggot who said "kissing a man without a mustache is like eating an egg without salt."
    "hell is also yourself." - r. crumb


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