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  1. No you idiot, you responded to me first and acted like a dumbass, do not get it twisted...
    All I said was directed completely to the other guy and had no involvement to you until you responded to me whining that you're a bigger head than me, which you are clearly not. I'm telling you, all of your responses so far have been wrong, uneducated, out of context, or plain stupid.
  2. Learn to read, sigh.
  3. Practice what you preache? I never messaged anyone about getting negged. Anyway, you've distracted me from enjoying my Nestle® Nesquik™ cereal so I'm gonna get back to that.
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    its not as funny when you do it
  5. Reread and then look at my response, that was in response to you telling me to get off the couch and do something with my life. You really are a dipshit lol
    " Get involved in the real world, you're the one on a high horse bragging about posts you made on the internet. C'mon dude, be foreals, do you even go outside?"
    Dude just stop. You are not understanding anything that is going on, you are taking shit out of text, putting words in my mouth, and just making an ass of yourself.
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    bandwagoner? of what, I might ask


    LML @ umad @ negs LMLKMLMLMLMLM<L<
  7. Very tough!

    I bet it's really tough sometimes to care enough about online points to message me about it, especially when it was given in the context of satire.
  8. You've made no impact, you're just delusional.
  9. You have me confused, I hate Wiz for one and for two I'm very involved in the real world lol. It really shows your intelligence when you sit there and just assume I'm some fat coach snob that does nothing haha. I'm very active in my community, I volunteer at the planetarium and the humane society, I'm a full time student currently getting a double major, and I still go out skate and do whatever the hell I want. Also I wasn't bragging about my post count, are you literally that fucking retarded? All I said was look at what I've actually contributed to the thread because you basically said I don't love hip-hop and if you look through my post you will realize how stupid that statement is. Anything else you want to whine about?
  10. I never said beginners work together, though some do. Also if you believe I was babying him by telling him something positive when all you did was whine it was too simple, you're a dumbass. Also if you think I don't care about music, you need to stop, go through the hundreds upon hundreds of posts in that thread I made and reevaluate that dumbass remark. You really need to step of your high horse dude. Your seven little insignificant posts makes me laugh.
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