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  1. i'd neg you but your at -69 so i'm gonna keep it at that number
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    eat a dick
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    fag got

  4. Holy cow!
    I think I've got one here
    Now just what am I s'posed to do?
    I've got a number of irrational fears
    That I'd like to share with you
    First: There's rules about old goats like me
    Hangin' 'round with chicks like you
    But I do like you
    (And another one: you say "like" too much)

    But I'm shakin' at your touch
    I like you way too much
    My baby, I'm afraid I'm falling for you
    'n I'd do 'bout anything to get the hell out alive
    Or maybe I would rather settle down with you

    Holy moly!
    Baby, wouldn't you know it?
    Just as I was bustin' loose
    I gotta go turn in my rock star card
    And get fat and old with you
    'Cause I'm a burning candle, you're a gentle moth
    Teaching me to lick a little bit kinder
    And I do like you - you're the lucky one
    (No, I'm the lucky one...)
  5. When I'm stable long enough
    I start to look around for love
    See a sweet in floral prints
    My mind begins the arrangements
    But when I start to feel that pull
    Turns out I just pulled myself
    She would never go with me
    Were I the last girl on earth
    I'm dumb she's a lesbian
    I thought I had found the one
    We were good as married in my mind
    But married in my mind's no good
    Oh, pink triangle on her sleeve
    Let me know the truth, let me know the truth
    Might have smoked a few in my time
    But never thought it was a crime
    Knew the day would surely come
    When I'd chill and settle down
    When I think I've found a good old-fashioned girl
    Then she put me in my place
    If everyone's a little queer
    Can't she be a little straight?
  6. Take it like a bitch, duh
  7. I have no idea what you two are on about?
  8. Oh I didn't know it was confirmed. I thought I was one of the few to know it was him...
  9. I'm thinking that trebiz was SteezeNCrackers/Supreme/every new member because if you see the rate Supreme posted he says in January is three years and he said that in his one thread of how long he was skating and he types like him and says the same tricks terebiz can do. And now a million alts are being made exactly the same and he never learns.
  10. Neg Supreme for me, I accidently posi'd him. Haha.
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