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  1. so wuzzgood with you. still with that girl from awhile ago.
  2. hellz yeah
  3. its going good. she wants to fuck me the girl i was talking about haha. she came to my house on christmas day to give me a box of condoms. but uhh yeah ima try to get my dick sucked nd stuff. hows about you?

  4. :3
    i enjoy powerful imagery
  5. oh damn. that sucks lol. but yeah your lucky as fuck if your in cali. its soooo warm over there. and im here skating in fucking 20 almost 10 degree weather. get your shit out in cali tho man. do some stupid shit since you know you wont come back till next year. i remember i went to peru for a week to see family. me and my friends did some of the funnest shit ever.
  6. i left the blonde chick too lol. but i met this girl the other day. and well we keep on flirting back and forth with each other. ima ask her for her number in a few days. this time she doesnt seem like a whore like the past two girls ive been with. i hope it goes well and congrats that its going good with your girl dude.
  7. yo hows your best friend relationship thing goin?
  8. the girls that fought where spanish. shit was awesome lol. one of them like almost knawed the others face off. shit was wierd.

    but yeah dude shit was awesome right after the fight i was in the halls going to my last period and all you see is the security guards running hard as hell across the halls everyone started thinking it was a fight so they started chasing the guards. and it ended up in a huge traffic jam with me in the middle. turns out some girl fell and she got trampled. but when everything cooled down i saw it and i saw a dude on the ground i was like wtf?
  9. beat the shit out of the guy. itll show that you care about her. and i saw a chick fight today. lol it was awesome
  10. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooord. dude i hate that shit too. when i was with the brunette everyone was like when you gona tap that dawg. cause to tell the truth she is like literally one of the hottest girls in the school. i was like chill dawg that shit aint happening that quick this aint no whore dawg. im trying to be with her not in her nawwhatamean? so yeah but like the blonde im probs most likely gona be with soon is like a bit skinnier. she got something going on but like shes skinny. but yeah dude just ignore that shit from your friends thats obnoxious shit. id probs do it too to a friend but i wouldnt over do it.
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