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  1. damn thats really bad yea try saving up for new trucks. you should try finding some place thats good enough to skate during these cold times. my friends getting his license in december so im going to start going to the indoor park as much as i can when it starts hitting below 35 degrees. i just had a great session today. all my tricks came to me like second nature. and i have my back feebles and front board on lock now. i need to start trying front lips and front feebles on my rail.
  2. it doesnt have to be like that lol. you just have to remember what you did to make those 360s work. its like trial and error type of thing. i dont lose tricks that often anymore. except for varial heels that trick i dont think ill ever have down. with heelflips if you want to start getting them higher just start flicking later. do it like an ollie late heelflip. and popping onto ledges and stuff is all just commitment unless you have really uncontrolled ollies. its only october too haha. where do you live? im not fucked until late december or early January because thats when it starts to snow and get too cold to skate. i cant skate under like 20 degree weather. thats why im saving up money to skate this indoor park during the winter once a week. or maybe just get a pass and go as often as possible which would be like every other day.
  3. back 180s are easy. you just have to have really good pop shuvs and ollies. back 3s are hard as fuck though. easier fakie so you should try them fakie first.
  4. the hard part is tho that my street is shit to skate on. we were going to try to hide it at this parking lot to just pull it out whenever we were going to skate but theres no decent hiding spots. most of them are riddled with cig buds. i have a box too but thats even harder to carry around. so i skate it like once every 2 weeks. but yeah i just dusted it out its a hand my down hand my down. haha. so much rust and rocks stuck in it. im washing it tomorrow. and then theres a 4 day weekend and im going to skate both of them then. that sucks dude i never lose tranny shit. if its been awhile it might take longer to land but for the most part i cant lose tranny tricks. you got back 3s? ive been trying them and i always get full rotation but my bodies so out of the loop that i always fall off.
  5. that sucks dude. i know that feeling. but my friend that moved is coming back to get his shit today from his old house and he just told me i can have the rail that i had been learning tricks on a couple weeks ago. im soo happy. now i just have to find a place where i can use it. sucks though doesnt seem like hes going to be able to skate where he lives now. and he sounded mad depressed over the phone. and wait do you mean flatground tricks or what?
  6. same man im trying to find a ride to this skatepark thats like 30 minutes away. its going to be dry on sunday tho so im definitely skating then.
  7. all it really is is going at it almost parallel and landing on it with your weight on the board without bending over in any direction. takes practice really. it became an easy trick on my friends rail but now i gota find a new rail to get tricks on. my friend might be giving me his rail when he moves out to college next year. but thats a year from now haha. you feeling better yet? i might skate whenever the weather gets better.
  8. ha. that sucks man whatd you eat? and yeah im doing fine man i used this cream and my shit scabbed up in a minute. now i can skate with some bandages on me even though it might hurt a bit. and yeah man ive been skating my friends rail recently. got back feebles and started getting into smiths. but he moved unexpectedly so i probably wont skate a rail for a long time. im trying to learn tricks on shit now besides just skating flat.
  9. yeah i ate shit on a hill yesterday and now have bloody holes on my arms and hands. its pretty bad on my arm but ill live. so i just thought id come back here since i cant go outside.
  10. watap nigga
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