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  1. Fuck.

    I was finally able to listen to it three days ago. My god it is too amazing. I didn't think a single song wasn't great. I'm probably going to buy the physical copy when I get my first paycheck.

    I can't wait for No Idols. I haven't listened to Under the Influence at all yet (!!!); I totally forgot to download it last year so I'm downloading it now. Also hyped for MellowHigh's album and hopefully a Radicals 2 releases this year.

    There are so many releases from OF coming within the next year, it's crazy.
  3. Well I'm set for later then!

    I'm so hyped for Numbers. I'm also looking forward to Earl's new album, whenever that's coming out. But just because I like Earl so much that I'd like to hear some new stuff.

    WOLF, I can wait for. I can't wait to listen to it, but I can wait the extra month or two until it's released. If Numbers comes out before WOLF (which it most likely is), I'll be set for a while until Earl's album and WOLF.
  4. Yeah dude, I was on reddit while taking a break skating today, and saw it was released early. So when I got home I downloaded it. I didn't even put it onto my iPhone yet but I'm going to give it a listen tomorrow. I might actually skate to music for once. I've heard jazz and R&B music soothes your mind while skating and helps focus more. I've never tried so I don't know if it's true, but I might today.

    I read his verse was short on Super Rich Kids which is disappointing but it's new Earl at least.

    Channel Orange down, Numbers to go!
  5. Yeah dude, it's all personal preference. I agree on the Earl/MF DOOM part. He even sampled his beats. Hopefully that rumored Earl x MF DOOM is true; that would be amazing.

    I'll listen to all the songs tomorrow. I need to get up at 9:00 to go somewhere so I should have went to sleep already.
  6. I can say Mezmorized is god awful but it turned into Luper which is one of my favorite Earl songs, so I don't really count that song ever. I'm hyped for more EarlWolf, although since both of their styles are changing it won't be the same without Sly and Ace.

    I never heard that Vince song. I'll look it up later. And that's what I hate about OF concert aside from I'm too scared to ever go to one haha. They just blast their music and rap over it. It's kind of pointless, however, it does seems like a good time.

    And that video hahaha I thought you were just going to be turned around the whole time and then you just start going wild haha.
  7. Haha, I agree Hodgy is a better rapper than Tyler. Hodgy has a good flow but I just don't like his music as much as the others. Honestly, Tyler would be in front of Mike G if Mike G's lyrics and flow weren't as good as they are. I really like Tyler's music more than anybody in the group really just because they're so over the top and unique, but he's not my favorite and the majority of Earl's songs are just too good. I think it's more of the beats and content in Tyler's music that makes me like it so much, but Earl's rapping skills are just that good.

    I'm actually the opposite (in a way) from your Earl comment. Sly Tendencies I think was sooooo much better than Earl Sweatshirt after giving a listen to all of his released music as Sly. Molliwooped and Dat Ass are just so fucking amazing. Deerskin took a few listens to realize how good it is, though. And Earl was 14 when he recorded those songs.
  8. I can't really contribute much to the conversation on the OFT members, but I've seen Black Jesus KTA around I think, or it was White Jesus KTA. Probably the latter now that I think of it.

    This is the most I think I'll ever type about Odd Future. Feels weird, man. So I guess talk to you later on.

    Also, fuck 1000 character text limits.
  9. Didn't include Frank because he's his own and hasn't really rapped with OF. But his Oldie verse was super good and I'm love Analog 2, although he didn't rap it was a great song.

    I like Vince. Not a whole lot, but his verse on ePAR was good. I haven't really heard too much of him. Award Tour he was great on, outshined Mike G on it, too haha. Plus I agree on the hate on Mike G is ridiculous. That one dude on OFT who said he should be dropped for being lazy? He's fucking stupid. Mike's the underdog of the group, but when GOLD is released, hopefully people will get their heads on straight. At least he had a good Oldie verse and Oldie 2 was really good in my opinion. Just the beat felt off and it echoed, and when he transitioned from "OF til I OD and I probably will" to "They study me, autopsy reveal.." felt like he rushed into the next verse. But it still was really good lyrics wise. Never thought I'd pick apart an extended verse to a song haha.
  10. I joined I think April or May. I lurked the site since around November but reading all the posts about new members being trashed as "yonker fags" over and over again, I was just like, "Fuck this shit, these people are faggots". But then I lurked harder for a couple months and liked the site so I finally joined. I've been a fan since EARL was released so even though I've been a fan over two years, I felt if I posted something they deemed wrong I'd get flamed a shit ton and that would suck so I don't post too much. I've never had any bad things said against me from the 20 so posts I've made, so I'm off to a good start haha.

    Mike G is my third favorite member of OF. To me, it's Earl, Domo, Mike, Tyler, Hodgy, Left Brain, Jasper, Taco (even though the last three aren't "core" rappers of the group, I'll just include them because LB and Jasper did have nice verses on Oldie. But Swag Me Out, holy shit all three sucked mega dick haha.)
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