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    oh yeah dude we just have this little touch screen computer thing on our order pickers and we have to scan shit and type shit in on the touch screen when it doesn't work. and there's like, dozens of jump codes we have to memorize to get to all the different menus for different problems that come up.

    I'm starting to wonder if there's something about the city of kalamazoo where all the warehouses have out of date equipment because fedex was like that too. our equipment at fedex was like 30 years out of date, but up in lansing at the fedex my mom works at their shit is all brand new lol.

    I was talking to my coworkers and one of them worked at a DC in alabama before he moved here and he said they had automatic reach trucks, like you would just tell it which pallet you need and it would get the pallet for you. all of ours you need to do it manually. there's a couple that can get you to the right height automatically but thats it. i haven't been trained on those yet though
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    yeah we have labels wtf is a voice pack lol
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    yeah that's what i've been doing lol, when I'm on the print screen i've just been picking whichever aisle looks the most dense. i talked to a couple dudes and they told me how quickly and smoothly you can label the packages makes the most difference so i've been doing it how they said they do it. and just backing my order picker up to the empty carts when i'm changing them out instead of parking and pulling the carts all around.

    i think yesterday (my first day) i was at about half of the rate, but that's considering i really didn't get much training and every time i had an issue like an ISI or whatever i had to go find somebody and ask how to do it. still had to do a little bit of that today but i think i'm definitely making progress at getting closer to it.

    by TR drops do you just mean the priority shit? cause every night at like 10 we're all supposed to drop what we're doing and go get a new stack of priority labels from the manager and we do those for the rest of the night.
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    yeah i gotta do that shit for like a month before they'll move me anywhere else. it's straight i guess but i can see why it'll be a bitch sometimes.
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    dude now i see what you meant about carton air lol.

    it's straight though i think i'll do pretty good at this job.
  6. You leaving the site or just wanted the history gone ?
  7. Done and done my friend :)
  8. I've been sniffing around this stupid admin cp but I cant seem to find an option to delete all your posts, I can wipe your post count but sadly that wont take away the posts...I'll keep lurking or I might give my password to one of the more tech smart mods and see if they can help me out aha
  9. I can do that but why would you want me to do that?
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    oh yeah i think we have that actually
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