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  1. damn. i honestly drink the most when i have to work at eight in the morning.
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    Sorry mate - haven't been on much.
    Do you want your ACCOUNT deleting so that all your posts remain but are simply labelled as being made by Guest?
    Or do you actually want the posts themselves removing?

    Let me know and i'll sort it out for you.
  3. fuck ya.
  4. do you still drink like a fish?
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    I guess... You paranoid weirdo!
    You're absolutely sure yeah?
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    Happy Birthday.
  7. Yeah. I had a class called container in my CSS file that dictated the format of each section. And instead of using div class="" on the fucked up ones I had div id=""
  8. nevermind. <div id="" was wrong, I needed <div class=""
  9. obviously the content sucks but i'm lazy and it's enough to meet my grade qualifiers. My problem is this. Overview section is centered, which I want. The media, author, and footer are not. I don't get why. As far as I can tell my html and css match each other for the sections, as well as match what our example site had, and the example site is all centered. (being centered is a requirement for this assignment)

    check the source code if you don't mind on both html and css and tell me what obvious mistake I'm missing
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