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  1. You leaving the site or just wanted the history gone ?
  2. Done and done my friend :)
  3. I've been sniffing around this stupid admin cp but I cant seem to find an option to delete all your posts, I can wipe your post count but sadly that wont take away the posts...I'll keep lurking or I might give my password to one of the more tech smart mods and see if they can help me out aha
  4. I can do that but why would you want me to do that?
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    oh yeah i think we have that actually
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    oh yeah that's good to hear. and what is carton air lol?
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    yo i got my call back today. they're hiring me in to warehousing on B2 4 pm to 2am.

    kinda weird cause warehousing and breakpack were the two things I don't really have experience already doing, i would've already known how to load/unload and shit. but i don't care i'll take it lol.
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    nah they said they sent the results of all my tests to a company and they said sometime next week they'll call me to set up the orientation assuming i passed. figure i'll wait to put my two weeks in at my current job til i set that up.
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    i just took my physical assessment for target today. I think i passed it lol. i did the first 2 parts of the step test and she said most people don't finish 2. and i was able to do the lifting shit with all of the weight.
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    Yo man you work at a target distribution center? How is it? I have an interview there tomorrow
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