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    i mean dat....
    do you remember me from sbc chat?
    and wasn't your room full of peanut butter when u woke up?
  2. is there a link to the stookie picture, I wanna try some photoshop
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    yout jealous cuz my body is perfection and yours is a weak pale fragile complexion. Yet you "feel" as if you are strong but your not a big guy, or any guy, such a chick. Your complexion is that of a girl and your Fathers genes are shit and your mothers eggs must be that of a bird with that bird chest you have.... Chicken little
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    u remember me? haha
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    Nahh, unfortunately my funds are always too low to buy new lenses lol. Check out pixel peeper if you'd like some examples of shots taken with that lens on your body. the 8mm is supposedly great for filming, but if it were me, I'd save an extra hundred and grab canon's 10-22mm or the sigma (I think it's sigma...) equivalent. There's just not enough uses for me to justify strictly 8mm.

    I've heard great things about the 8mm but I've heard better about the 10-22.

  6. Haha nice job lol, post it on his profile
  7. Inspirational Legacy- is amazing.
  8. Stookiebomb™ this biatch br0

    Thats Fegacy- in case you didn't know
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    "I will posi you I a month when i can"

    "Because you became chill"
  10. Which fisheye do you have?
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