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    thx m8, let me know if/when you make it to Aus and I'll put you up if you visit my shit city
  2. bless you
  3. When your in London if you can get there check out a place called Camden town, not sure if it would be your scene but I thought it was really cool. Luckily for me I had contacts all over England so a lot of the time I'd be road tripping with somebody, other times I'd be on a train but like Dublin to England the flights are so cheap so I got a plane on that but yeah most trains, planes and automobiles my friend haha
  4. Also,

    In Ireland if you stayed anywhere in downtown Dublin your going to have good times too, so many cool little streets and bars and shops etc I was in Wales for a few days but was pretty drunk most the time and ended up in a random strip club...apart from that I can't offer you too much about it haha in England though if your close to Liverpool that is worth a visit, I really dig that place. I realize I havent suggested much specific things haha but I'm blanking from all the long boozy nights but keep an open perspective and you'll find what your looking for in most of these places.
  5. haha I like everything about this visitor message. But yeah man it depends on where exactly you will be in the UK, London is expensive but it is such a cool city even with it being pretty touristy. Up north near where DHJS is from Newcastle is super cheap and has so many places for endless good times, some of the beaches and scenery is really nice too. Places like York, The Lake District, Whitby are places I recommend looking into for sure.

    Wish I could offer more in the ways of hiking or camping places but I've only been in Winter and while I have been on a few hikes, been way too cold to camp or anything like that haha
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    yeah our reach trucks are shitty too. but a lot of our OPs are like, they're half as fast as the other ones, and they just randomly turn off sometimes and you have to sit there turning them off and on again until it works lol. and they all have fucked up steering. everyone hates using the old ones.

    but it seems like by the time you take your cart off your old one, drop it off at the battery changer, log off the computer, get on a new one, log on to that computer, and get back and get your cart on it, it would take just as long as the battery change. plus now people are going to be stuck on equipment they're not comfortable on. it's so stupid.
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    yeah the changing equipment when you get battery changes is what pissed everybody here off. cause idk about you guys but at our dc there's like, 3 yale OPs that nobody likes except for me, then there's 3 or 4 new crown ops that are really good, but the rest of them are old as dirt and barely functional. and people were trying to tell the gm that at the meeting and he just kept saying "red tag them then" but that's not going to make them go faster or steer better lol.
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    yeah i was halfway surprised they sent us home, my old job they just made us work in the dark with no equipment lol.

    but idk if you guys had a all team meeting or whatever but we had one today where they went over all the new procedural changes and this shit is fuckin ass, the new changes they're making are so damn stupid.
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    ha yeah i've thought about doing something like that. there's a few guys here who have those big can-looking headphones that look like the earmuffs you can get from target but they listen to music with them over bluetooth too.

    funniest shit though today the power randomly went out in the middle of the day and the shift would've been over by the time they fixed it so they just sent us all home
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    the only ones i even have memorized are the one to get to the pull screen, the one to print more labels, ISI and the one to check my rate. this other kid started the week before me and the girl who trained him gave him these note cards with everything written out all nicely but i just had a dude show me everything real quick and tell me if i needed any help to just ask someone else lol.
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