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  1. nicca!
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    lawl how am I trying to be hxc?

    Haha that was obviously just a negback

  3. damnnn dude that sounds pretty tight, i dont know what dance hall rap is but is sounds pretty gay. well, if you ever do complete the song, i'd like to hear it.
  4. hey man you still working on a song for the sample battle? not that i give a shit about it. i just wanna see what you did
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    haha my cousin gets that K2 stuff all the time. You're right it's nothing like weed, but if you smoke like 2 or 3 bowls you can get high. I dunno how much it costs though cause I don't buy that shit.
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    (read the one before this first, it was too long to post at once)

    But really I think I kind of bring things upon myself sometimes. Last year during school, I would ALWAYS put like 3 or 4 kids on to someone I'd be listening too, since I'd kind of known for music around the school, and it seems like every time I put just a few kids on, after a few weeks the whole school is on like they've been down from the start. Like at the beginning of the year no one even knew who wiz was, and I'd been listening to wiz since like, Star Power, at the end of '08, a couple weeks after I put a few people on to him everybody else was acting like they'd actually heard of one of his mixtapes before Kush x OJ.

    I mean I got no problem if you're a real fan but you just found out about dude late, but it's those people who just like whatever new music is trending that get annoying as hell.

    and why can't you hit a joint right now lol?
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    yeah in the big cities pilot talk sold out quick, so the sales he got had me kind of vexed. I had to go to 3 different best buys just to find one that still had the cd, but he only sold like 9,000 first week... and everyone on the messageboards said their spots sold out too, so I wanna know what happpened to all the cd's lol. If everyone sold out you'd think his numbers would of been better.
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    haha. I wish I would have had one earlier for that same reason. At least here, it's pretty blown up right now, I think the only people who don't listen to curren$y in my school are the kids who would rather listen to the clicking buttons on their calculators.
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    it's just a jets shirt. It has the hand sign on the bottom, and then it has a red air plane logo in the same spot like a ralph lauren logo would be on other shirts.

    then on the back it says "Basik Art Original" because that's what the guys company is called.
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    I'm not sure, I haven' been keepin up with release info since I'm probably not gonna buy em. there's a thread on solecollector about em though, check that.
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