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  1. for some reason trolling RHCP fans is hilarious to me. Whenever given the chance, I will say that this is my favorite song of theirs:

    and irl a few times when they come up I've said something about liking "that one song they have about california"
  2. and yeah, that sounds like hell. I was in a similar situation kinda before I peaced outta tb. I was pretty much running night shift myself 5 days of the week. Morning shift would just complain about us endlessly. spread rumors about us, etc. Nonstop. And if there was something we were supposed to do, we wouldn't hear about it. We'd just find out that day shift had been bitching about it for a full month from somebody. We had like no contact with anything going on, and we had the bulk of the work (nights are like 100X busier than days). And if the day's labor was over (always was) the assistant would start cutting our staff on nights

    So like, day shift sits around, doesn't give breaks, etc. and uses all the available hours so then nights are short staffed. It was ridiculous

    it's amazing how much of a difference quality management can make in a business
  3. eh, it's still an entry level thing. certainly gonna make more than I was but not really rolling in $$$. But there's actually opportunities to advance and do other stuff and all that so we'll see where it leads. It's pretty chill. Just feeling good to be doing something else with myself. Everybody actually working together and being civilized instead of trying to sabotage each other like at the bell.

    and yeah, you will definitely feel so much better once you're outta there and in school. Psychologically it puts you in such a better place to know that you're actually working towards something positive and learning new things/improving yourself. Spending so much time with a bunch of losers like at walmart or tbell just makes you feel bad. Even if you know you're better than that it still gets to you. Know this all too well
  4. working for a company that makes glasses. I'm one of the dudes putting them together. also have me working a bit receiving/sending/processing all the fedex/ups/other truck shipments of stuff
  5. man I totally would, but I've been busy and my new job has me waking up before 5 AM and it would be a headache trying to keep up with that stuff :^(
  6. Thank you. I'll be sure to message one of you whenever the cycle changes. Protest the Hero is very much a local thing here - everyone and their brother is into them. When they were just starting out they would stop here frequently and play small shows. I saw them when I was in high school and it was one of the best shows I've been to. Fortress is by far my favourite, every song on that album is just incredible.
  7. Half of our managers are great, the other half are meh at best. Luckily most of the good ones are on nights for now. Store manager is half and half. Night people dont mingle with him all that much.

    Yeah im currently planning on getting around 4 or 5 Xbone games and some 3ds games. Id like to increase my ps3 collection but my store hates sony apparently and barely has anything. But itll be a good haul for sure.

    And i havent seen a single complaint about the base in MGS. As far as i know, it could just be a side thing that you dont really have to worry about if you dont want to. Im not sure. They took a pretty big leap from mgs 4 though.
  8. Our employees are great. We once hit 200 days with no accident. But our customers. Goddamn.

    Just make sure you get shadows of mordor on the xbone and not the 360. They fucked those ports up hard.
  9. Man the first few of those i got sucked shit. like 50 and 75 bucks i think. Then we got a 250 one, then a 375, and this one is 163. So its been good lately. One day i hope to see a legendary 500 dollar bonus.

    Go for MGS Phantom Pain, Mad max, Fallout, etc. Im getting Shadows of Mordor and Lords of the fallen, its like Dark souls but with vikings.
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