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  1. Unfortunately the hippy kingdom that resides in my town keeps the shitty music wheel turning. There's even people with the Sublime sun tatted on them. Hearing the song Santeria or whatever literally sends me into a rage. I can't express how happy I am that their singer is dead haha.

    But yeah, there's still total hxc fans of both in my town who then ask what I listen to and I ask "from which genre do you want me to list off?" "whaaaaat?" Like they're stunned I don't just listen to one thing.
  2. Lol I troll all irl Sublime and RHCP fans all the time. I've even been deleted from fb for it
  3. Lol right? There's more stuff you can find that he did school projects on and they're all great.
  4. You may enjoy this. The formatting gets kinda cluttered, but this is Trey's like final project or whatever it was when he was in music school. It's a lot of the Gamehenge material and sorta the background thoughts of it. Since I like those songs and the music it's cool to me, may be something to sorta force you to like them more hahah
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    Where do you usually get your supreme hats?
  6. I know man, in the year and a half almost 2 years we've gone through 6 assistant managers (there's only 1 still there from when I first started) and 3 store needless to say every 8 months they completely change how we do shit and it gets old and they demand so much out of our small crew. They expect us to stock grocery after we just get done doing the truck. We start stocking around 4-5pm which is rush hour and it's hard as fuck to stock food when there's dozens of people.

    I can't wait to fucking leave man, not to sound like an pompous dick, but I'm so much better than all the people I work with and 8 million times smarter. It's torture not being able to talk to anyone about anything cause all they do is drink, get involved in drama, and act like total cunts(I work with a mostly female crew who are all weak as shit so I have to do all the heavy lifting)

    I've about had it, there's been about 4 times the past 2 weeks I almost said fuck it and walked out.
  7. Word that's cool, that's what my sister-in-law does. She works for some place called Locke Family Eye Care. She's like the office assistance manager, but yeah she puts together glasses and all the extra office work. She worked and Lense Crafters for a bit as well, I know she makes bank doing what she does. Hopefully you are too, glad you got out of the fast food industry, I know you're probably much happier than fucking with the low lives who work in fast food.

    I can't wait until I can finally quit Walmart and go back to school. I'm so fucking over everything there, they demand so much out of a crew of 5 people. 1 of which is 64 and 2 others are complete newbs to the job. So our managers just sit there and rip us apart and we're the inbetween shift so day managers don't really give a fuck and night managers don't give a fuck at all cause they want to keep 3rd shift happy even though they're the biggest crew and the laziest fags ever.
  8. Ah that sucks (about being busy). Congrats on the new job though, what do you do?
  9. You gonna play the last Mafia game for 2015?
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    Haha he went in, that's for sure
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