Clearing Company

  1. Wenisab
    Hi! Last year I decided to hire a cleaning company called Dazzling Cleaning to help me clean my house. I was very impressed with the quality of their work - everything was sparklingly clean, even the hard to reach areas. The team was professional and friendly. I have recommended Dazzling Cleaning to my friends and family and they were impressed as well. However, now I have some questions that I would like some answers to. How can I be sure that the company is using safe and environmentally friendly cleaning products? How can I know if their employees have criminal background checks and if they are qualified to do the job? I would appreciate any information and advice you can provide.
  2. Uilleri
    Hi. I understand that it's important for you to make sure that Dazzling Cleaning uses safe and environmentally friendly cleaning products, and that their employees are qualified and pass criminal background checks. I might recommend that you contact the company representatives and ask these questions directly. A good cleaning company should have a policy of using safe and environmentally friendly cleaning products, as well as screening their employees for criminal records and ensuring that they are qualified and trained. If you need additional assurances, you can request documents from the company verifying their professionalism and qualifications. Don't hesitate to ask questions and look for more information before hiring any cleaning company.
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