What is communism?

  1. CCCP
    Communism is about abolishing private ownership of property and a classless society. Everybody has enough to get along and everyone plays a part and contributes to their community. This means that everybody has a job and there is no unemployed people. This is just the basic ideologies of communism.

    Many people may disagree with communism because of the education from the cold war. Many western schools taught kids that communism is bad and that things like basic human rights are ignored. However, this is not part of communism. Communism can support human rights, free speech, and democracy. No country is truly communist. True communism shouldn't require an oppressive regime like North Korea's. People should be properly educated on what communism really is and not what we think it is.
  2. BakerForLife
    I'm only in this group cuz I'm born and raised from russia lml
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