welcome everyone

  1. firm glutes
    firm glutes
    lets get ripped!
  2. Gunz
    I'm so thankful I was accepted to these exclusive Members Only™ group! Bros B4 Flabby Glutes!
  3. Popwar Pill
    Popwar Pill
    For Valentines day I'm just gonna put a bow on my firm glutes, they'll be my woman's present.
  4. firm glutes
    firm glutes
    Popwar Pill that sounds like an excellent valentines day surprise! I cant think of a better present than a pair of rock hard glutes
  5. crailtap
    Being accepted to this group is an honor! This will really help step up my glute game to the exxxtreme!
  6. Gunz
    has dopefiend been invited because I really feel like he can give us that exxxtra 'edge' to help our glutes get even more rock harder.
  7. Vlad the Conqueror
    Vlad the Conqueror
    Definitely need Dope Fiend in here. I feel like he's the second biggest guy on the forum next to firm glutes
  8. Gunz
    Coleman, we'll miss you while you're on your mission...but at least we know that after all that walking around, you are gonna come back with some well-defined glutes!
  9. crailtap
    Guiz chekk out this gr8 workout sheet, I've been getting glutes of steel thanks to dis;

  10. Gunz
    I really like diagram #3. What a gr8 display of the gr8est muscles on earth.
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