skating changes lives

  1. skater4life24/7
    Where would you be without skating in your life.
  2. alienworkshopper
    i would be sitting around playing boring video games on my OLD xbox... (not 360) and being somewhat of a.... bum? ....not that im not already
  3. hecktor426
    I would be in jail man
  4. pattdebaker
    if i didnt hav sk8in in my live i would be no were!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. hecktor426
    true that bro
  6. Vampire_Prince
    probably spending more time drawing, playing guitar and video games... x,x
  7. midwestskater420
    well i stoped skating for a year or so cuz i got into drugs hardcore and im in jail on work release.. and i skate at work cuz i work with my dad... lucky me. but yeah i ended up in jail for a two year bit.. get out sep. 27, 2010... almost done so i can become pro!!! woo hoo
  8. Son of a Gun
    Son of a Gun
    I would be fatter, lol
  9. Sk8king451
    I would be probably doing football ALOT or be some weird ackward 12 year old...even though I already am lol. Darn homeschooling
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