Gen 4 Discussion.

  1. AMP
    Talk about anything to do with Diamond/Pearl/Platinum
  2. DVS Skater
    DVS Skater
    Soooooo I'll probably end up getting Platinum.
  3. AMP
    Its gonna be SO good.
  4. Korn Cakes
    Korn Cakes
    Already pre-ordered it.
    Last month.
    There's like 23 days left, I think.
    Bulbapedia has a big ass countdown clock on the homepage.
  5. AMP
    Do you get anything special from the pre-order?
  6. Korn Cakes
    Korn Cakes
    Yeah, you get a little 3-inch Giratina origin forme figure.
  7. AMP
    thats so gay HAHAH

    I don't know if I should pre-order it or not.
  8. DVS Skater
    DVS Skater
    I never pre-order. The only game I ever have was LittleBigPlanet and that was so I could get free shit.
  9. Korn Cakes
    Korn Cakes
    I know it's gay, but it adds something to my massive collection of Pokemon shit haha.
    I only pre-ordered it so I could get it before it sells out, because it more than likely will.
    And I pre-oredered Diamond and the local game store gave it to me three days early.
  10. AMP
    Whatever i'll tell my mom to pre order it.
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