Hayley Williams Association (HWA)

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  1. Ride The Sky
    Ride The Sky
    She needs to send nudes to one of us in this here group. Just for us, no one else.
  2. Mr. EorDie
    Mr. EorDie
    i has teh fake onez
  3. Ride The Sky
    Ride The Sky
  4. Mr. EorDie
    Mr. EorDie
    tell what theres nothing to tell
  5. bubbleboy

    show is what RTS meant
  6. Ride The Sky
    Ride The Sky
    vv yeah, the bubblenigga knows wassup.
  7. Tony
    To be honest Gal I didn't really decline by accident, I thought there were so many questionable members I didn't know if I wanted in but I guess I'll manage.

    I still love the asslicking that's going on after you became a Hayley fan.
  8. Galmeister
    Haha! I thought so Tony! 3 invites dont just disappear lol. But hey, you might as well be in, its by far the best group to be a part of (except 'I belong to Jesus').

    Haha! The luxuries that come with being a Hayley fan... (Except I still get no fucking recognition by the girl in question!!)
  9. Onxiam
    She lives all the way in Tennessee (Probably still Franklin). Unless you move there, Gal, you probably will never get any recognition.
  10. Tony
    I was invited to that one too but that isn't an 'Invite Only' group as far as I know so if I change my mind I can go in there when I want to.

    I saw Paramore's music vid when chilling at my friends house last night, randomly I thought of this group.
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